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    Analytics in basketball games was first created in 1998, by a former NBA player coaching the Toronto Raptors. Analytics 4 Coaches is a superior solution to any current analytics service you can purchase in basketball because it works for the coaching staff in winning more games.  The founder of Analytics 4 Coaches, Butch Carter currently serves as the Analytics Coaching Mentor to the NBA's Assistant Coaching Program (ACP). Coach is considered an expert in process improvement, because in his Corporate life he designed and manufactured 14 million HVAC control modules for Delphi Automotive, Halla Climate Controls and General Motors, with a failure rate of less than 3 per million. He has been a trailblazer on Basketball Analytics since his record breaking 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors.

    At Middletown High School in his second year he was named Ohio High School Coach of the Year. He is the only person to ever be named both Player & Coach of the Year in the state of Ohio! Coach graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Coach served as College assistant at Long Beach State with Joe Harrington, and University of Dayton with Jim O'Brien. He has been a NABC member for 29 years. He worked 6 years as an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks for Del Harris and Mike Dunleavy, before becoming an assistant, then head coach for the Toronto Raptors. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and youngest son.

    Coach had a decorated playing career, and is the older brother of Cris Carter current sports broadcaster and former (Minnesota Vikings) wide receiver.

    Garrett Kelly

    Has been working directly with Butch Carter for the past 4 years and currently works as a consultant in the NBA’s Player Development Department with the Assistant Coaches Program (ACP), preparing retired NBA and WNBA players with their transition into coaching.  Prior to his work with the NBA he spent 3 years in Canada working at the professional FIBA level as a Head Coach and Director of Basketball Operations. Garrett previously coached at Siena College, Radford University and Catholic University after graduating as a Student-Athlete with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore.

    Edniesha Curry 

    Coach Curry is the only female working in NCAA MBB at the University of Maine. She has been the lead teacher on all technology in the NBA Assistant Coaching Program the last three years. Curry, who spends her off seasons working with the NBA Assistant Coaches Program, is not sure if more progress is imminent in D-I. But she relishes her role in encouraging it, hoping more women will have access to the full breadth of opportunities (and salaries) that NCAA basketball offers. "It's just about being able to say, Don't allow anyone to put you in a box," Curry says, and "creating a spot where we can all continue to grow in this game."

    "Edniesha skill set is remarkable in mastering the analytical transfer into on court coaching at all our NBA-Assistant Coaching Program events!" Rory Sparrow 

    Curry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from the University of Oregon, and an MBA from American InterContinental University in 2006.



    We help you change the success rate against winning teams. NCAA (Men and Women) basketball coaches  are emotionally driven, and admittedly did not take much math past the 9th grade. A4C simplifies basketball math into (5) X’s, (5) O’s, 3 officials, and 2 good opposing coaches. We get you to understand the analytics the way it comes to you in a basketball game, and then how to counter for a positive results. All current basketball analytics never factor in the 3 officials and the opposing coaches (Head Coach & Lead Assistant), only the (5) X’s and (5) O’s. Plus, current analytics guys like KenPom cannot give you two drills to improve the team winning the most important games of the season against conference opponents.

    A4C modules have accelerated winning from high school to the NBA. This System broke a 54-year old NBA record for team win acceleration in 2000, taking Toronto from 18 wins to 47 wins in 18-months, it had never been done before using basketball analytics.


    A4C does all engagements under a strict confidentiality agreement with a non-disclosure clause. Once signed, we work with you on or off campus. We have video conferencing capabilities to share software and maximize your time. We will figure out the best way to transfer the information you need to win.


    We work inside the NCAA calendar and rules. Our modules are specific to certain basketball areas. You are never pressured to purchase more than you need or want from Analytics 4 Coaches. Our goal is for you to build a more successful coaching process that works before, during, and after games to prepare your program for the next challenge. We are fully capable of training with Fast Model software, ShotTracker, Hudle - SportsCode, SportsVu, JustPlay, Second Spectrum, and Synergy. We can train you or your staff on a better interpretation of software!


    You become a lot more effective at player development and improving player IQ on transition, timeouts, and communication. A4C gets you to focus on the winning side of the empirical conference number. We don’t touch your offensive or defensive schemes. Establishing the first step with you is the importance of team growth in communication, transition, game breaks, and counting possessions. The reason we do this is A4C realized that most kids you will sign played AAU basketball and don’t know any of your team acronyms and how to use them in practice or games.

    We proved this system works in basketball and business. This process worked at the highest level, under the worst conditions in the NBA. This System drafted and developed Vin Baker from Hartford, and Hall of Famers Tracy McGrady (high school) and Vince Carter (not the highest rated player on his UNC team that draft year).